Spadina–Fort York

Thank you, Ontario!

Standing up for Spadina–Fort York

Join Chris' Team!

Dear Neighbours, 

I am your NDP candidate for Spadina-Fort York. 

I am proud of the NDP platform and four particular commitments that will make people's lives better in Spadina-Fort York:

  • Expand healthcare to include prescriptions and dental care for everyone
  • Convert student loans to grants and eliminate interest on current loans
  • Fund reliable TTC bus, train and streetcar service and make fares affordable 
  • Invest in $12-per day childcare services 

See our full platform!

People ask me how we will afford pharmacare for everyone. I tell them that these changes make economic sense and will actually save money. The Federal Parliamentary Budget Officer calculates that Canadians would save $4.2 billion per year on prescriptions alone with just pharmacare, by buying medicines in bulk. 

I have served this community as a kid's soccer coach at Christie Pits and hockey coach at Bill Bolton arena, as a member of the Dufferin Grove Residents Association and the parent council at Dewson St Public School. A teacher by training, I've taught at Ryerson Public School and Central Tech. I now teach a course on the history and economics of Ontario at York University. 

I am already working for you: As a TDSB Trustee and a member of the Toronto Board of Health, I have mobilized communities to: improve bicycle safety by reducing the number of doorings, improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities, and take a public health approach to gun violence

I am working to get more schools in our community: As a TDSB Trustee, I've advocated for fairness with Education Developement Charges. Under Liberal regulations, Catholic schools get $1500 for each condo built in the city and Toronto's public schools get $0. We need more public schools along the waterfront, but because of the Liberal regulation, we don't have adequate land or money to build the schools. 

I want to protect condo owners: We need better protections for condo owners so we don't end up getting stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in special assessments, because the best materials were not used in the original construction.

I will advocate for affordable housing options: At $1000 sq/ft many people have been priced out of home ownership, but co-ops and not-for-profit condos can provide affordable alternatives 

It's possible to create better neighourhoods when we work together. I would like to work with you to be your advocate at Queens Park. 

-Chris Glover

We Are #Change4Better